Novus Corporate Breakfast: Facts on Food

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Over 30 community members attended the Corporate Breakfast hosted by WACSTL and Novus this morning. The breakfast of bagels and coffee was followed by an engaging presentation by the President and CEO of Novus, François Fraudeau.  Visitors were able to ask questions after the presentation, leading to more specific answers on topics like food dye, food packaging and health concerns related to food sources.

Novus focuses on the triple S Bottom Line, which stands for Solutions, Service, and Sustainability. Novus works on finding solutions to existing industry issues, providing excellent customer service, and working towards the ultimate goal of providing the world with affordable and wholesome food.

Attendees had the opportunity to tour the facility, everyone was impressed by the modern designs. The office space was a great example of innovation, with clear examples of work towards creating an efficient and welcoming environment for employees.

Great Decisions: South Africa’s Fragile Democracy

The seventh event for this 8 part series sponsored by the University of Missouri at St. Louis at the Ethical Society is on Thursday, April 19th.  The topic is: South Africa’s Fragile Democracy

The schedule for this event is:

12:00 Noon to 12:15 PM: Introduction of moderator and showing of portions of the FPA Video for the topic being discussed.
12:15 PM to 12:45 PM: Remarks by the moderator
12:45 PM to 1:15 PM: Q&A followed by a brief summation

Light refreshments, consisting of coffee and cookies, will be available to all participants in the meeting room at no charge.

Parking is free and convenient, located in the rear of the building on the north side. The parking lot is accessible from Clayton Road.

Bunzl Breakfast

On Thursday, the Bunzl Corporation and the World Affairs Council of St. Louis partnered to provide a wide variety of individuals with the opportunity to learn about Bunzl’s role locally and internationally as a distribution hub. Visitors were from a wide variety of St. Louis based organizations. They all came with an interest in learning about the tasks carried out at Bunzl’s Hazelwood location.

Matt Noel and Jeff Morris gave an informative presentation about the role of Bunzl in St. Louis’s grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers over a delicious breakfast. They also discussed the global impact of Bunzl through their work as international distributors.

Jeff Jones provided guests with an extensive tour of the warehouse, showing off Bunzl’s massive stock room. The tour gave visitors the opportunity to see firsthand the scale of Bunzl’s business logistics. Guests were very impressed, as detailed by the photos below!

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