Humanitarian of the Year Awards

Pat Wolff, M.D. accepts the Humanitarian of the Year Award from WAC-STL President Deepak Kant Vyas

2011 Humanitarian of the Year
USTRANSCOM accepted by General Duncan J. McNabb, Commanding General
Awarded for delivery of massive amounts of U.S. disaster aid in the form of relief supplies to mitigate the earthquake in Haiti, the earthquake and tsunami  in Japan and floods in Pakistan

2012 Humanitarian of the Year
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center accepted by Dr. William C. Danforth, Chairman and Dr. James C. Carrington, President
Recognized for its mission and achievements related to improving the human condition through crop research that centers on feeding the hungry, improving human health and preserving the environment

2013 Humanitarian of the Year
Meds & Food for Kids by Dr. Patricia Wolff, Founder & CEO
Recognized for saving the lives of over 60,000 children, and other nutritionally vulnerable persons, by manufacturing and distributing nutritious foods in Haiti

2014  Humanitarian of the Year
Shriners Hospital for Children, Saint Louis Missouri accepted by Theodore D. “Ted” Dearing, Chairman of the Board of Governors
Shriners Hospital opens their doors to children from the U.S. and abroad who have nowhere else to turn. These kids are given new life and new hope through the healing hands of the talented physicians, nurses and staff at its hospitals.

2015 Humanitarian of the Year
Emerson, accepted by David Farr, Chairman and CEO
In September 2014, Emerson announced an initiative to bring renewal to the Ferguson community after a time of unrest – which today has grown to a 7.4 million commitment to more than 30 programs focusing on early childhood education, youth jobs, scholarships for college, technical and trade careers and business development training.

2016 Humanitarian of the Year
Washington University, accepted by Chancellor Mark Wrighton
Recognized for the leadership that has led to the establishment of a “World Class” university in St. Louis that makes it possible to attract the brightest and most dedicated students from around the globe. Washington University has also contributed significantly to the success of our local businesses and the prosperity of the local economy.

2018 Gateway Globe Awards Humanitarian of the Year
Dr. Sadiq Mohyuddin and the Mohyuddin Family
Dr. Mohyuddin and his family, have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in international health care, pulmonary medicine and human services across the globe. Tonight, we recognize them for their many contributions to the St. Louis community and their dedication to those in Pakistan. Among the family’s many achievements are:

  • Founding an endowment in 2015 at Saint Anthony’s Alton to promote and enhance pulmonary medicine, and a lab there carries the family name
  • Founding a primary medical care clinic in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Founding the World Affairs Council of St. Louis Mohyuddin Family Speaker Series.