If you want to be involved in connecting St. Louis with the world, consider an internship!

The World Affairs Council typically hosts volunteer interns to assist with arranging the IVLP visits, organizing membership information, researching area resources, welcoming visitors, and other office projects. Internships are available for either the summer, fall, or spring semesters.


  • Undergraduate students interning to receive class credit or graduate students whose area of study is relevant to the internship
  • Effective communication skills in English, evidenced by application materials and interview
  • Proven time and project management
  • Creativity, efficiency, and team skills
  • Developed and demonstrated cross-cultural competence

Benefits to Intern

  • Practical application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom
  • Exposure to multiple aspects of nonprofit operations and an office environment
  • Opportunities to work with professionals from all over the world through WAC-STL’s work with IVLP

Please note that as of April 2019 our Summer 2019 internship spots have been closed. However, we are still seeking a full roster for Fall 2019 interns. Please keep in mind that during the school year we can only accept applications from interns who will be earning class credit for their internship with WAC-STL.

Read about past interns experiences working for the World Affairs Council.

As an international student and International Business major I have always been looking to find a work experience that let me see the efforts and relations between the U.S and the rest of the world are done. In the WAC I have had the experience of knowing how it to work in a nonprofit organization which its main goal is to create an understanding between the global culture, policy, and business. I think this is important nowadays due to the constant international issues that they are arising worldwide. The understanding and relationships between nations are key to promote the respect and peace every human deserves. This internship also made me realized how much work behind the organization and the amount of effort every person here puts to create events where people from St. Louis and other countries or nationalities can enjoy and at the same time learned from a different culture. At my last internship I worked directly with people who had been affected by wars or displaced of their home because of a political conflict, at the World Affairs Council my experience was mainly to see how is the administrative part of this organizations, going to meetings, meeting people that work for the Department Of State gave me the right perspective of what I want to pursue for my career on the next years. Working with refugees and having the experience of the WAC gave me more reasons to pursue an International Law degree, my passion for international relations and justice worldwide. I highly recommend this internship, the people working here are wonderful and they are always willing to help you learn and have a good time while working here. As a Mexican, I am aware that nowadays these kinds of institutions that support peaceful understanding between nations are highly needed for the American people and worldwide.
Coral E. Alonso
As an intern, I had a great time at the World Affairs Council of St. Louis. I interned for 4 months and I learned a lot about how non-profit organizations work and the WAC internal and functioning system. During that time I worked on different projects and all of them had brought me new knowledge and skills. The working environment has been awesome and I had the chance to also be part of some of the events that the WAC was organizing during that period of time like the Chinese New Year or attending IVLP meetings. Some of the projects that I worked on were researching cultural activities and events in the Saint Louis area, creating agendas, brochures, and welcome packets for foreign visitors, learning and interacting with global affairs to learn more about international diplomacy, relations, and politics, and manage and update the individual membership and the organization’s membership. Overall it has been an incredible experience and I know that everything that I learned during the internship is going to help in my future. Being part of the WAC for a little period of time brought me personal growth and more consciousness. It also prepared me to get into professional life, which is the next step for me. In June I will start working in a consulting company in St. Louis area and I will try to use all those tools and skills that the WAC had provided me, as well as the information that I absorbed from them to be a good professional.
Marina Vela

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