The World Affairs Council of St. Louis and Emerson hosted the second annual Gateway Globe Awards on Dec. 5, 2019 at the Coronado Ballroom. Eight individuals and organizations were honored for their lifetime achievements, their dedication to History, Education, Diplomacy, Innovation, Logistics and Transportation, Global Outreach, and Humanitarianism. In addition, two individuals and organizations were recognized for being global pioneers and ambassadors in the community. 

Pierce Powers, Jr., President of the World Affairs Council, began the awards presentation with a brief overview of the awards. The Gateway Globe Awards were created to recognize the many people and organizations in St. Louis who connect our community with the rest of the world. 

The awards began with the presentation of the WAC Lifetime Achievement Award to Joel Glassman of the University of Missouri-St. Louis by his colleague, Dr. Michael Cosmopoulos. Dr. Glassman received this award because of his dedication to globalization in the St. Louis area through his many initiatives at UMSL, such as increasing the international student population at UMSL, raised money for six endowed professorships, and creating a Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade. In his speech, he thanked UMSL for encouraging him to dedicate his life to the education of others. 

The Carnival Gateway Globe Award for Culture: History was presented by John Wade. The award honors an individual or organization whose efforts are building alliances and bridges to connect St. Louis to the world through a historical lens. The National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri received this award for its dedication to preserving Winston Churchill’s legacy. The museum is located at Westminster College, where Winston Churchill gave his historic “Sinews of Peace” address (a.k.a. the Iron Curtain Speech). The representatives of the museum wanted to thank Westminster College for using their world-wide reach to make the museum great.  

The POWERS Insurance Gateway Globe Award for Culture: Education was presented by Peg Weathers of the Kirkwood Chamber of Commerce and given to the St. Louis Language Immersion School. The school was given this award for its dedication to promoting language fluency and cultural understanding in children across the St. Louis area. Judy Fischer and Meghan Hill of the St. Louis Immersion School said that the school has spent the last ten years putting kids on the path to bi-literacy. They also mentioned that they have purchased a larger space because the school is growing. 

The Gateway Globe Award for Policy: Diplomacy, presented by Joe Adorjan, was given to Ambassador George “Bert” Herbert Walker and accepted by former Webster University Chancellor Neil George on Ambassador Walker’s behalf. Walker spent the years between 2003 and 2006 as the American ambassador to Hungary, where he made government transparency an emphasis during his tenure. Joe Adorjan mentioned that his continued economic development work in the country helped further create relationships between the US and Hungary. Former Chancellor George also mentioned that Walker is the ultimate global citizen, but much of his work has been hidden in the shadows of the accomplishments of other people. 

The St. Louis Regional Freightways Gateway Globe Award for Policy: Logistics and Transportation, presented by Mary Lamie, was given to America’s Central Port (ACP) and received by Mary Lamie. Acting as an important freight hub, ACP transports over $1.1 billion out of the St. Louis Metro area. ACP also helps provide over 900 full-time jobs to people within the St. Louis area. They are a major driver of economic growth in the region and are thankful for the award. 

The Boeing Gateway Globe Award for Business: Innovation, presented by JJ Johnson of PhantomWorks and Pierce Powers, was awarded to Patriot Machine. Patriot Machine is a female-owned, local aerospace parts supplier that distributes to both commercial and defense aerospace companies. They wanted to thank Boeing, for whom they have been a direct supplier 25 years. 

The Emerson Gateway Globe Award for Business: Global Outreach, was presented by World Trade Center Executive Director Tim Nowak. The award was presented to The Boeing Institute of International Business at St. Louis University for their dedication to providing a range of international business opportunities and resources to students and alumni, along with the general business community. Dr. Hadi Alhorr received the award for the institute and mentioned that he is humbled by the recognition by the council. 

The St. Louis Regional International Partnership Global Pioneer Award is given to a St. Louis-based company that demonstrates an exemplary understanding of, and commitment to, innovation for global expansion. The award was presented by Cindy Mebruer and given to Big Heart Tea Company, who have created a sustainable tea company in St. Louis that creates beautiful and great tasting teas sold all over the U.S. The founders mentioned that the company was initially founded or people to improve their overall health through a cup of tea a day. As time went on, they decided they wanted more transparency in their supply chain, and through that initiative, have brought so many talented people to the company. 

The St. Louis Regional International Partnership’s International Ambassador Award is typically reserved for someone who is working in the background, not being recognized or receiving honors for the outstanding service they have given to the International community, presented by Jeff Melly, a past President of the Missouri District Export Council. The award was given to Mike Burke, the Executive VP of Alberici Construction, but was recognized for working with multiple organizations over the years. He said that he was so glad that he worked with so many companies over the years and that he continues to work part-time on his many projects.

The final award went to Anna Crosslin of the International Institute, named as the Humanitarian of the Year by the World Affairs Council and presented by Betsy Cohen. Ms. Crosslin’s work with the International Institute has a pronounced impact on the refugee and immigrant community in St. Louis. Her work impacts over 6,000 foreign-born people in the St. Louis area, and looks over a staff of 80 people to work with these individuals. Ms. Crosslin wanted to say that the work of the International Institute could only be possible because of all the people who are committed and passionate about the Institute’s mission. She also wanted to emphasize that the award was not meant for her or the Institute but instead for the whole community. 

The night concluded with a tasty dessert and coffee bar, in addition to more networking. We at the World Affairs Council would like to thank our amazing sponsors and presenters for their support in preserving our mission of connecting St. Louis citizens and businesses to the world. 

About the World Affairs Council of St. Louis

The World Affairs Council of St. Louis was founded in 1948 as a non-partisan membership organization to connect the citizens of the Gateway region to the world. The council’s mission is to connect St. Louis to the world on current matters important to all people in understanding global culture, policy and business.


About the St. Louis Regional International Partnership

The Partnership is an alliance of approximately 20 internationally-focused organizations that support efforts to increase international trade, education, cultural exchanges, and world understanding.