Vice Admiral Thomas J. Moore, commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command describes the US Navy’s evolving mission at a WAC-STL luncheon hosted by President Pierce Powers Jr. The program was part of #navyweekstl @mohistorymuseum

On Wednesday September 4th, Vice Admiral Thomas J. Moore, Commander of the Naval Sea Systems Command, spoke to a group of WAC members at Soldiers Memorial. He focused on the current state of the US Navy and its need to build more ships for its Battle Force to meet the changing global landscape.

During the round-table discussion, Vice Admiral Moore explained the importance of a strong naval presence throughout the globe. In 2018, the National Defense Strategy evolved from combating violent extremism to focusing on the threats that China and Russia are now posing. The Navy’s role in this strategy includes keeping maritime trade routes safe and protecting American citizens.

Through a printed presentation, Vice Admiral Moore walked the audience through different types of water vessels, their functions, and predicted deployment of new vessels. At the moment, the US has 100 deployed vessels out of a total of 290, with a goal Battle Force of 355. This includes the creation and deployment of a new aircraft carrier, which will bring the total count to 12 carriers.

After giving his brief lecture, the conversation switched to a question and answer style round-table discussion.

One member of the audience questioned about the largest threat to US at the moment, where Vice Admiral Moore replied that China is the largest overall threat to US security. On the topic of China, another question asked about the state of Chinese naval technology, which is not as strong as that of the US, along with the widespread belief China stole some of their technology from the US.

The talk concluded with Vice Admiral Moore reassuring the audience in his belief that the current generation is just as patriotic as the Greatest Generation and just as capable.

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