Lilly Wurm is a Fall 2019 intern. She is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis where she studies International Affairs, German, and Legal Studies. Her main academic interests include the European Union and its evolving relationship with the US, German domestic politics, and American national security. She spent her junior spring semester in Freiburg, Germany where she focused on international relations, German, practical economics, and international business. While also practicing her German, she traveled throughout Europe with her class, where she met with various university professors, the Secretary General of Bruegel, FSOs from the US Mission to the EU, and the Press Officer to the Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation of the Council of the EU.

Outside of academia, she loves gluten-free cooking, Pilates, and reading the Economist. Through her internship at the World Affairs Council, she hopes to increase her cultural competence while practicing the skills of event planning /organization and citizen to citizen diplomacy. She is excited to be working with the World Affairs Council this semester and hopes that it can help fuel her future career in diplomacy.