One of the most talked about bilateral relationships since 2016 has been the U.S. relationship with Mexico.  On April 18, Professor, Author and Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education recipient Dr. Richard Millett discussed the history of U.S. relations with Mexico as well as where he sees this vital relationship heading amid the tense political climate in the U.S.  Not surprisingly, immigration was a prevalent topic and found Dr. Millett disagreeing with the current administration’s belief that building a wall will solve all of our immigration issues.

Also stressed was the importance of improving economic conditions in not only Mexico but other Latin American countries, specifically those in the Northern Triangle (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala).  A huge reason so many people in these countries are heading north, Dr. Millett argued, is due to the rampant violence in their own countries.  These individualsIMG_0126 are doing what they must in order to protect and provide for their families.  Dr. Millett also showed how many of the most pertinent issues facing Latin America are connected to one another and that in order to solve one problem, another may have to be solved first.

Please join us this Thursday, April 25 at the Ethical Society of St. Louis for what will be the final Great Decisions lecture of the year when Dr. Costas Azariadis, Professor of Economics at Washington University, presents on the rise of populism in Europe.

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