On Thursday, the Bunzl Corporation and the World Affairs Council of St. Louis partnered to provide a wide variety of individuals with the opportunity to learn about Bunzl’s role locally and internationally as a distribution hub. Visitors were from a wide variety of St. Louis based organizations. They all came with an interest in learning about the tasks carried out at Bunzl’s Hazelwood location.

Matt Noel and Jeff Morris gave an informative presentation about the role of Bunzl in St. Louis’s grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers over a delicious breakfast. They also discussed the global impact of Bunzl through their work as international distributors.

Jeff Jones provided guests with an extensive tour of the warehouse, showing off Bunzl’s massive stock room. The tour gave visitors the opportunity to see firsthand the scale of Bunzl’s business logistics. Guests were very impressed, as detailed by the photos below!