"I just want to say thank you for allowing me to speak with the ILVP group, the experience was amazing. With the information, insight, and feedback I was provided from the Serbian visitors, I quickly became the student, and I enjoyed every moment of it!"
Police Sergeant La Troy B. Taylor
DSN 05856
The World Affairs Council of St. Louis welcomes a wide range of visitors every year to discuss a multitude of different topics. Check below to see 2018 IVLP countries and program categories. 

Japan: Parental Abduction Cases: Children, Families, and Courts

Ethiopia: University Journalism Programs 

Multi-Country Project: Towards a More Safe and Secure World: Combating Transnational and Organized Crime

Georgia: Combating Gender-Based Violence 

Tajikistan: Media Management in the Digital Era

Russia: Preventing Trafficking in Persons: Advocacy, Partnerships, and Sustainability 

China: New and Traditional American Media in the Digital Age

Sudan: GMOs and Humanitarian Aid

Nepal: Cultural Heritage Preservation 

Multi-Country Project, Africa: Transboundary Water Resource Management

Hungary: Building Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities 

Romania: Identifying and Combating Disinformation

Multi-Country Project, Europe: Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists: Promoting Discerning Consumers of Media 

Multi-Country Project, Africa: U.S. Elections 

Fiji: Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press 

Serbia: Building Transparency in Government Institutions 

Multi-Country Project, Africa: Community Relations and the Fight Against Terrorism in the U.S: A Project for the Lake Chad Basin