To the St. Louis Economic Zone: Metropolitan Statistical Area 41180

St. Louis and the surrounding regions have a great impact on the United States’ agricultural output. Below is a detailed account of recent St. Louis area Agricultural activity. The gallery below shows photos from the St. Louis Science Center’s GROW exhibit.

Regional Statistics – US Agricultural Census 2012

Farms 11,270
Land in Farms – Acres 2,912,162
Estimated Value of Land and Buildings ($1000) $15,316,718
Principal Farm Operators 11,270
Hired Farm Labor (Workers) 8,946
Payroll for Hired Farm Labor ($1000) $71,697
Contract Labor ($1000) $3,828
Total Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold ($1000) $1,235,601
Crops $907,356
Livestock, Poultry and Their Products $328,247
Government Payments ($1000) $42,877
Income from Farm-Related Sources, before Taxes & Expenses ($1000) $163,570
Total Farm Production Expenses ($1000) $1,149,980
Net Farm Cash Income from Operations ($1000) $292,067
500 Mile Radius Statistics – US Agricultural Census 2012
Total Value of Ag Products sold within 500 mile radius of St. Louis: $171 Billion


Regional Agribusiness Contribution Summary
Total Economic Contribution $18.6 Billion
(Direct & Indirect GDP is 11% of MSA Total Private Industry GDP)
Total Jobs Supported 178,946
(Direct, Indirect & Induced jobs 16% of MSA Total)

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